November 07, 2013

China Ready For the Cyber Security Challenges with the Cooperation US and Other Countries

Cyber Security Experts and Leaders and Security Researchers from More then 40 countries gathered in Stanford University(United States) at Yesterday, to talk about the cyberspace security problems and cooperation among countries.

Mr. Cai Mingzhao is minister of the State Council Information Office of China said that China is keen to continue working with other countries to maintain cyber security at the 4th World Cyberspace Cooperation

Mr. Cai said “In cyberspace, all countries face the same problems and ultimately share the same fate. Cyber security should be built on the basis of coexistence and cooperation, as cooperation is the only way to achieve win-win solutions to shared problems.”

The participants to the summit are expected to reach a consensus on how to deal with the many challenges to cyber security and make new progress in promoting international cooperation on this vital issue through the joint efforts.

Mr. Cai said that like many other developing countries, China faces greater cyber security challenges than developed countries. “We are ready to expand our cooperation with other countries and relevant international organizations on the basis of equality and mutual benefit.” 

The Chinese people have derived enormous benefits from the Internet with more than 600 million Internet users in China today. 

“The Chinese government has always placed great emphasis on cyber security”

In this year from January to August more then 20k china websites are compromised by Hackers and more then 8 million servers and 14 percent more then last year, were compromised and controlled by overseas computers via zombie and trojan programs.

The Chief Security Officer of Facebook Mr. Joe Sullivan agreed with what the Chinese minister said. He said, “Different countries should work together to keep the security of the whole cyberspace and make a bright future for the Internet.”

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